Insurance and Financing

Virgin Valley Dental is in network with most dental insurance companies.

By working closely with your insurance provider, we can help you to minimize the amount of out of pocket expenses related to your oral health care. If you do not carry dental insurance, we also offer a cash discount, as well as a convenient financing plan.

Payment Plans

Whether or not you carry dental insurance, sometimes the cost of care may creep up on you unexpectedly – such as an emergency. Or, you may opt to perform an elective cosmetic procedure that may not be covered by your dental insurance.

  • Ask us about our up to 12 month no interest financing!

Don’t Put Your Dental Care Off

Delaying your necessary dental treatment could allow the condition to spread even further. What could be a simple, affordable procedure can evolve into something that impacts multiple teeth or even requires hospitalization. Let our Virgin Valley dentists help you minimize the amount of treatment you need by taking early interceptive steps toward a healthier smile.

If the cost of your treatment is a concern, please speak to one of our financial coordinators to determine what options are available. Be sure to check out our special offers!