Each of our dental services is provided in a way that benefits the oral and overall health of our patients. As complete health dentistry, we strive to implement techniques that not only preserve a beautiful smile – but also promote a higher quality of wellness.

We do this by providing services such as:

General Dentistry

Our comprehensive patient exams allow for early intervention and identification of risk factors that pose a threat to your health. We also provide gentle preventive cleanings, as well as services like extractions and wisdom tooth removal.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Creating a beautiful smile can boost your self-confidence and improve your ability to make a great first impression. Choose from professional cosmetic dental procedures such as whitening treatments, tooth bonding, and gorgeous dental veneers.

Restorative Services

Rebuilding your natural bite and eliminating tooth decay helps you maintain a balanced bite, minimizes jaw disorders, and extends the life of your smile. Our dentists provide amalgam-free dental fillings, porcelain crowns and bridges, denture options, and even dental implants.

Dentistry for Children

Early access to dental care can limit the amount of time that your child spends getting treatment later on into adulthood. Let us help your child reduce their risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Periodontal Therapy / LANAP

Gum disease and gum infection is directly linked with systemic health conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even conception difficulties. We implement advanced soft tissue laser therapy to eliminate gum disease without surgery.


Choose between conventional and clear braces for adults and teens. We also offer early interceptive orthodontics for children, to reduce their complexity of bite complications as they grow. Check out our options for braces.

Clear: http://invisalign.com

White: http://c-fastusa.com

Laser Dentistry

As laser certified dental providers, we implement technology to provide various gum therapies, as well as drill-free dental fillings. We also have a laser to pinpoint cavities before they are visible on an x-ray.

The Virgin Valley Dental team is committed to complete dental health, and overall wellness of each patient. Call us today to experience exceptional care.

Don’t forget, we are here for any dental emergency you may have!