Conventional and Same Day Options

Dental crowns are designed to preserve your natural tooth, so that it can continue functioning normally for years to come. A crown, by design, covers the entire surface of a tooth up to the gumlines. We carefully create each one so that it closely resembles the natural shape, texture, and color of your neighboring teeth.

Some of the reasons why Dr. Dumitru or Dr. Harris may recommend a crown include:

  • Following root canal therapy
  • Replacing large, broken fillings
  • Preserving badly damaged or fractured teeth
  • Placement over a dental implant

Different Types

Our Mesquite office offers conventional as well as same day dental crowns. Each serves a different purpose and has its own advantages in regard to the outcome of your treatment:

Traditional Porcelain Crowns

A porcelain crown provides maximum aesthetic results, as well as a precise fit. Your new crown will require two visits to our office to complete. The first visit involves preparing your tooth and creating a model of your mouth. The second is usually two weeks later, where we bond your new crown permanently in place.

Same Day CEREC Treatment

Using 3D imaging technology, our in-house CEREC equipment allows us to create and deliver your permanent crown in just one appointment. This prevents the need for multiple visits for our patients on a tight schedule.

Which type of crown is right for you? It will depend on the location of the tooth in your mouth, your aesthetic goals, and the type of fit you are looking for. Call Virgin Valley Dental to schedule an exam with one of our dentists to see which option is most appropriate.

We also offer dental bridges to replace your missing teeth.

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