Implants Offer Permanent New Teeth

Although a variety of tooth replacement methods have been used throughout the past century, implants are now regarded to be the standard of care in regard to the replacement of missing teeth. Made of bio-compatible titanium, implants:

  • Reduce the impact of treatment on adjacent teeth
  • Encourage new bone formation and jaw preservation
  • Can be used to replace as few, or as many teeth as necessary
  • Have the potential to last for an entire lifetime

Types of Dental Implant Restorations

Most implant prices start at $2995 for single tooth replacement. Depending on the number of teeth that are missing, restorations placed over implants can include:

  • Single porcelain dental crowns
  • Multiple tooth dental bridges
  • Implant supported full mouth dentures

Each restoration is designed to function and appear as if it were a natural tooth. With implants, the prosthetic tooth stands independent of any neighboring teeth, making it feel less invasive and easier to care for.

Computer Guided Placement

At Virgin Valley Dental, we utilize state of the art 3D CBCT cone beam scanning during all of our dental implant services. This allows us to use computer guidance during the surgical placement of the implant. As a result, our patients typically experience less discomfort and the best results possible.

If you have been told that dental implants were not an option for you, computer guided placement could change that. We also provide sinus lifting and osseous surgeries here within our facility.

Call us today at (702) 346-3880 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Dumitru or Dr. Harris to find out if our comprehensive dental implant service or another restorative service such as dental fillings is the best option for your smile.