Both Drs. Dumitru and Harris are certified in laser dentistry by the Nevada Dental Board. Implementing laser therapy within our Mesquite office allows us to reduce the invasiveness of many common dental procedures. Lasers also provide the ability to diagnose certain conditions earlier, and alter the way that we treat them.

Some of the different types of laser technology that we use at Virgin Valley Dental include:

LANAP Periodontal Therapy

Our office has invested in state of the art Lightwalker and Millennium lasers to provide accelerated, non-surgical gum disease treatments to our patients. Laser periodontal treatments offer improved results compared to standalone scaling and root planing (deep cleanings) in patients with moderate to severe periodontitis.


Early forms of tooth decay may be virtually undetectable through a clinical exam or on digital x-rays. The Diagnodent laser measures the density of tooth enamel, pinpointing areas where tooth decay is beginning to form. This allows our Virgin Valley dentists to implement preventive measures that prevent the cavity from getting any larger, such as dental sealants, fluoride treatment, or small fillings.

Drill Free Fillings

If cavities are caught early enough, they require little preparation in order to restore the tooth back to its normal form. Our hard tissue lasers are capable of removing tooth decay so that we can place minimally invasive, white fillings. In many cases, no injections are even needed.

Gingival Recontouring

Should you have excessive gum tissues that interfere with your appearance, oral health, or treatments such as crowns, it may be necessary to have them reshaped. Rather than using traditional surgical methods, lasers allow our dentists to recreate an even, healthy gumline in just a few minutes with little discomfort.

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