Recreating Strength and Integrity in Your Smile

Restorative dentistry means more than merely removing tooth decay and filling the tooth afterwards. It’s about creating a harmonious relationship throughout your entire bite. This also involves taking into consideration the anatomical features of the face and jaw. As we preserve and repair your teeth, we work with the aim of maintaining your bite’s natural function and health for decades to come.

Traditional and Same Day Crowns

A crown preserves badly damaged, broken, or decayed teeth, which cannot stay healthy if left alone. This is because the protective enamel has been compromised. Placing a crown allows these teeth to continue functioning while being protected without having to be extracted. We also place crowns over teeth that have been treated endodontically (with a root canal). This ensures that they won’t fracture any further.

Porcelain Dental Bridges

Bridges replace missing teeth by supporting prosthetic teeth between two functional crowns. They are placed over neighboring teeth for support, or on top of dental implants. The prosthetic teeth are thus suspended over your gums where your natural teeth used to be. They sit so close to your gums that they will look and act just like natural teeth. A porcelain bridge is an excellent way to fill in an unsightly gap and return your ability to chew normally.

Amalgam-Free Fillings

Our white dental fillings blend in with your enamel, which makes them virtually invisible. No one ever has to know exactly how many dental fillings you have. These aesthetic fillings don’t require the tooth to be altered as much as metal fillings do. White fillings are also completely free of mercury.

Dental Implant Placement and Restoration

Implants function in a way similar to the way your natural tooth roots do. If a tooth root is missing, your bone levels are prone to shrink and cause changes to the shape of your smile. When we place an implant, it naturally strengthens your jaws and encourages bone growth. This helps preserve your facial profile.

Dental implants are lifelong tooth replacements. They can support anything from a single crown, to a bridge, to a full mouth denture. Implants are very easy to clean and care for and they allow you to enjoy life as you once did with natural teeth.

Denture Options

Each of our dentures is custom designed and fit to replace as few or as many teeth as necessary. You may choose to have a removable partial denture fashioned to replace a couple teeth, or you might need a complete denture to replace all of your teeth. Dentures can also be comfortably supported by dental implants for added stability and security.

Should you require full mouth rehabilitation, or simply need a little help in restoring your smile’s natural beauty, Drs. Dumitru and Harris are happy to assist you. We will work directly with you to return health, beauty, and comfort back to your smile so that you can feel confident about your future health.

If you are considering straightening your smile, ask our knowledgeable staff about our traditional and clear braces!

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